Is it too early in the year to sell my house?

Selling a house isn’t rocket science, yet some people seem to have the magic touch when putting up that “For Sale” sign. There’s no one true formula that can set you apart. When looking to sell, there is a good time to sell, and there is the best time to sell. You’re going to want to sell at the best time which will take a bit of observation work.

Here’s what you need to know about when to sell a house:

It’s never too early to sell but there are better times than others

Finding just the right season will determine not just how long the sale will last but the selling price as well. Typically, a home sale should begin when the forecast gets warm. Spring and summer have the best weather for moving furniture and everyone’s itching for some time off. In 2022, annual home value growth is expected to increase until May, peaking at 21.6% before gradually dropping into 2022. An early start on your sale may be justified.

Don’t let this stop you from selling in the later winter or early spring. There are plenty of people looking to move from their icy tundra to a nice summer home in Illinois and that means late winter sales are just in time for spring weather moves. Sales aren’t prone to immediacy, so it won’t hurt to get your house on the market early.

You don’t want a mortgage to hold you back from your goals

Missing out on the spring rush can be heart-wrenching when you want to sell your home to the highest bidder and you’re stuck in a mortgage that you no longer want or need.

Remember: Navigating a home sale can be one of the most complicated processes of your life, but you don’t have to handle it on your own. Experienced legal guidance can help you protect your interests in your sale.