Do you need a real estate agent when selling your home

Whether you are relocating, upgrading or downgrading, selling your home can be a complicated affair. But, should you go it alone or involve a real estate agent? 

It is not a legal requirement to have a real estate agent. Selling your home by yourself might save you money in commission or other agent fees, which can be a substantial amount. It also gives you control over how things will go. However, you need to put in the time and effort to get the most out of the sale. 

On the other hand, having an agent comes with its perks, as detailed below.

Benefits of using an agent

A real estate agent can spare you some trouble when selling your home. The advantages of using an agent are listed below:

  • An agent will help you with the mountain of paperwork involved, given that it’s their line of work.
  • It will also be easier to find a buyer with an agent since they have a large pool of potential clients.
  • A real estate agent is well versed in price negotiations, something you may not know how to do.

Involving an agent will take the emotions out of the transaction. This can happen if you still have an emotional attachment to the home you are putting up for sale, which could come in the way of a successful sale. Ultimately, it’s a decision you have to make, but having an agent definitely has its benefits.

Protecting your interests

To ensure you make the most of the sale, it is important to be aware of any challenges that may come your way. Remember: Every home sale is different. Therefore, if you have any concerns about the whole process, it is advisable to seek professional assistance and safeguard your interests.