What can you do about a noisy neighbor? 

You’ve just purchased a new house and have finally moved in. The first few nights went well, but recently, you’ve started hearing a lot of noise coming from the neighbors. 

This carries on for days and weeks until you and your family are no longer able to enjoy your home. Is this legal? What are your options in such a scenario? 

What counts as unreasonable noise? 

During the daytime, a bit of noise is to be expected. The roadways might be busy and construction works may be ongoing in the neighborhood. It’s not even unusual to hear the odd disagreement among families. All families have them after all. 

Nonetheless, noise can become unreasonable if it is constant and occurs at unsociable hours. For instance, if your neighbors are shouting or partying at all hours every night of the week, then this is unreasonable.

What does the law say? 

There are restrictions on the amount of noise that is permitted in residential areas in Chicago. The Illinois Noise Related Statutes and regulations state that “No person shall emit beyond the boundaries of his property any noise that unreasonably interferes with the enjoyment of life or with any lawful business or activity.

What can you do? 

Sometimes, neighborly disputes simply come down to a misunderstanding. They might not even be aware that their noise levels are causing an issue. Approach them calmly and explain. This way, a resolution might be reached. 

Sadly, disputes between neighbors are often much more complicated. If you’ve tried a reasonable conversation and this hasn’t worked, it might be time to start thinking about your legal options. Someone with experience in real estate law might be able to guide you in the right direction.